The 13 Best Star Projector Reviews in 2021 for Home Planetarium

Our Top Picks

Best for Versatile use: Star Projector Galaxy Light Projector
“This star projector is perfectly suited to different situations. Like, bedroom, decoration, birthday, party.”

Best Star Projector - Bringing The stars Into Your Home
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Best for the quantity of the feature: Galaxy Light Projector Star Projector
This projector will provide you 9 modes and 15 colors with adjustable brightness and suitable for multiple occasions like weddings, children’s day, birthday, Christmas, parties, festivals, DJ lighting, etc

Best for decorating the bedroom: Star Projector, Galaxy Projector
“This remote control user-friendly and ultra-quiet projector will create an atmosphere of romantic, relaxing, and soothing.”

Best for overall features: Star Projector, 3 in 1 LED Ceiling Galaxy Light Projector
“This projector will introduce with you some amazing features so that a soothing atmosphere prevails in your bedroom.”

Best for colors: Night Light Projector Ocean Wave Projector
“This projector will provide you 4 colored lights with 2 laser lights and 21 projecting modes. The remote controlling system is so convenient.”

Best for sound: Star Light Projector, KisMee LED Nebula Projector
“The sound quality through its Bluetooth speaker is pretty good and the light show is amazing.”

Best for controlling: Smart WIFI Star Projector
“Controlling this star projector is so easy. Because it will provide you with an App under the WiFi mode and works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Multi-Colored ocean waves will create a romantic atmosphere for you.”

Best for light: Ifreelife Star Projector
“This 360-degree dynamic star projector has 4 different colors and 10 different color projection effects with adjustable brightness. It is the newest smart Wi-Fi which is Alexa/ Google assistant supported.”

Best for children’s Bedroom: Star Projector Night Light
“This projector can cover a 15-60 m^2 area which can easily cover your entire bedroom. It has 4 different light modes which will make a perfect environment according to your mode.”

Best for Kids: 2021 Star Projector
“This amazing star projector has a nebula, ocean wave, and solar system with a moon effect which will give a celestial feeling to your kids. Meanwhile, your kids can learn about some different facts about the planets of the solar system and the moon.”

Best for a party and light show: Utipef Ceiling Star Projector
“This star projector is perfect for parties as well as bedrooms. Because it has a large coverage. It can cover the 538 ft^2 area. So, we hope your party will be more enjoyable. It can be a good gift for your kids. Kids usually love the night sky, stars, and the moon.”

Best as a gift for your kid: Odec Galaxy Star Projector
“It has some colorful effects and voice control mode also. It is compact and portable. It is powered by AAA batteries. So, it can be used anywhere.”

Best for kids party: Star Projector Galaxy Night Light for Kids
“This projector’s lights change well and create a warm atmosphere as well as the sound quality is better.”

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder What you are!”

Did you become nostalgic? This lullaby has made our childhood memories sweet. The twinkling lights shining in the night sky for people of all ages seem to take us to the realm of fairy tales.

Although a star projector will not take you to any fantasy, it will allow you to see the celestial objects of the night sky on the ceiling of your house, which will make you feel something beautiful. Are you looking for a Best Star Projector for you?

Let’s introduce you to Star Projectors a little differently.

What is Star Projector?

We also know star projectors as planetarium projectors. This is one kind of device which is used to project images of the celestial objects of the deep sky like star, planets, sun, moon, comet, milk way and various nebulae. The modern star projector was designed by the Carl Zeiss Jena Company in Germany between 1923 and 1925. But over time, its design has improved.

Use and Purpose of Star Projector (Home Planetarium)

Suppose you went to the house of one of your acquaintances and saw some posters of the celestial image of the deep sky, a prop from the newest movie, or a solar system model. So what do you think of that person?

If you think he is a fan of science fiction or astronomy, then you are right. For every astronomy lover or science fiction lover, a star projector (Home Planetariums by some people) is a cool gadget that will bring the celestial objects of the deep sky to the wall of the bedroom.

These devices will make every object from starry skies to planetary bodies more alive. This can bring more immersion and can be mood enhancers or educational to you or your kids.

Star and Galaxy Projector Buying Guide

With the advancement of technology, these have also improved. That’s why it will be difficult to choose a good projector for you or your kid from your previous experience. So you can go through a hard time finding the right galaxy and star projector for you and your children because you have got so many differences between these two models. By the way, don’t worry. We hope you can easily pick a suitable star light projector by knowing about these gadgets from this buying guide.

Celestial Light Show for Kids Or Amazing Astronomical Journey Guide for Adults

There are different types of star projectors but we can divide them into two parts. One is especially for adults and the other is for kids. Which projectors are for adults, usually they are very expensive and they provide more detail and sharper images and offer more function.

For kids, the projectors provide only a star and some space object which will keep your kid entertained.

Whatever, keep in mind another aspect. That is size. Small projectors are made for adults. You should consider the size of the buttons too. Kids often feel easier with larger buttons.

Purchasing Additional Discs can Enhance the Experience on Your Projector

You will find some star projectors in the market which may offer interchangeable discs. These discs will expand, showing the celestial objects of your projector. Usually, projectors display the starry skies by themselves but for additional discs, you will be able to see the Sun, the Moon, Earth and different planets, comets, auroras, cosmos, nebulae, and galaxies. 

Power Supplier: Mains or Battery

Typically, most galaxy and star projectors can only be powered by plugging into a wall outlet. Some projectors use AAA batteries for power supply. There is another one that is powered by a USB cord and can be plugged into any kind of USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your PC. However, most of the USB cords are short. So, to sort out this, you have to spend extra money.

If you want a battery-powered projector, you will want to use it for longer. Usually, a good projector runs up to 10 hours. Also, some batteries give 12 to 14 hours’ battery life.

Power Saving Feature (Timer Setting)

Power should not be wasted. That’s why, you might think, you don’t need to run the star/galaxy projector after you fall asleep. So don’t worry.

Most of the projectors provide a timer setting feature that allows you to adjust the projector off at your own pace. Its range can range from 15 minutes to a few hours.

Lighting Modes and Options

Maybe sometimes you will want mild brightness or will want brighter light effects. A mild effect is suitable for leaning your head on the bed or sleep and a brighter effect can change your home into the ultimate party pad or a planetarium. So it will be better to pick a projector which will provide both features.

Gathering Other’s Experiences

Before buying a star or galaxy projector, you can read user reviews to gather other’s experiences. It will be helpful to choose a better one. So, you have to consider the overall rating of the product and the number of positive and negative reviews.

You can learn some things from the reviews. E.g.

  • What kind of buyer has bought the product.
  • Details about the features and battery life.
  • Overall ratings.

Display Type

We want the celestial objects to look realistic, sharp, and more lively on the projector. So we should consider the quality of the display. A good quality display will provide you whimsical and stylized images.

Rotating Vs Still Display

A rotating display means it will move the images across the room and bounds them across the walls and ceilings. Still display will provide still images in one specific area. So it will be better to buy a projector which has both modes.

Remote Control

You can place your projector in different places like next to your bed or center of your room. Suppose you have no choice but to place the projector in the middle of your room. So, to adjust the projector, you will need to climb out of your comfort zone. This problem can be fixed by choosing the projector which has a remote controlling system.

You should pick a projector according to your needs. If you want to buy a star projector for your beloved kids, you have a type of feature which will upgrade their knowledge in a more fun and visual way. Or, if you want to buy this for yourself, the perspective will be different.

If you lack confidence in your ideas, you can choose any of the above products that are ready to go to your home.

Our Expert Reviews about Star Projectors in 2021

01. Star Projector Galaxy Light Projector

This is an amazing gadget. Its awesome features will not disappoint you. It will provide you 6 bicolor, 4 monochromes, adjustable brightness (30% to 60% to 100%), stars, nebula, and ocean waves are perfectly blended.

This projector has a USB slot option and a built-in mini Bluetooth speaker. You can easily connect it with your phone. So you can play classic music, lullabies, or ambient sound as you like. You can also enjoy the latest voice control flashing mode. It means the light will flash according to the rhythm of the music. We hope this will give you a new experience.

There is another interesting feature after all these. That is “Auto Control Timer”. Have you forgotten to turn off the light before going to bed? Don’t worry. play favorite music, built-in 1H, 2H, or no operation 4H automatic shutdown timer function, saving more money and it will create a warm environment for you and your children to sleep.

This star projector has a remote controlling system without complicated operation. You can control brightness, lighting mood, turn on/off the lights, and easily set the atmosphere.

At a Glance

  • Various kinds of amazing features.
  • Dynamic projection of 10 colors.
  • USB slot and Bluetooth speaker.
  • Voice control flashing mode.
  • Adjustable with the atmosphere.
  • Remote controlling system and an auto control timer.

Note: You might face trouble with its remote. However, considering all aspects, it is not a big issue.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.11×6.69×6.69 inches
  • Item weight: 1.28 pounds
  • Manufacturer: YOVAKO

02. Galaxy Light Projector Star Projector Skylight

Early, we have mentioned that this projector has 9 modes and 15 colors (basic Red, Green, Blue) with adjustable brightness and decent motor speed which will offer you nebula clouds and create a heavenly atmosphere in your bedroom. You can use these features in different moods and occasions.

This projector has a special mood, that is asleep mood which creates a starry night so that you can feel comfortable and fall asleep and also provide a remote control system. The sound-activated mood makes the lights sync with the beat of the music and you can also play the music you’re your additional speaker and it has via Bluetooth and TF card system. The power supplier of this projector is USB. It can be a great gift for adults or kids.

At a Glance

  • Nebula cloud.
  • 9 modes and 15 colors with adjustable brightness and decent motor speed.
  • Sleep mood which creates a starry night and remote controlling system.
  • Music skylight with the built-in sky and smart-devices via Bluetooth and TF cards.
  • USB power supplier.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.94x 5.43x 4.49 inches
  • Item weight: 14.9 ounces
  • Brand: AOELLIT
  • Color: Black

03. Star Projector, Galaxy Projector with LED

You can enjoy an amazing moment with this remote control and user-friendly star projector. This will provide you with a perfect mood and you can control this amazing gadget from your doorway without disturbing your beloved kids. 16 color modes and adjustable brightness will make your experience like remembering. You can adjust this projector from 4 different positions. Because it is specially designed for 4 angles position. So you can easily choose to play this projector on the wall, ceiling, or other directions. This projector can display both nebula clouds and stars. Differences can be made in nebula clouds through different settings. Both stars and cloud effects can work in unison or independently.

Sometimes, laser light causes our eye problems. But don’t worry. This projector is FCC, CE and RoHS certified. For the power supply, you have to plug in the outlet. Whatever, this projector can be a perfect gift for adults, kids, or your beloved one.

At a Glance   

  •  16 color modes and adjustable brightness.
  • User-friendly remote controlling system.
  • This projector can be adjusted at 4 different angles.
  • FCC, CE, and RoHS certified.
  • Powered by plugging into an outlet.


  • Item Weight: 1.86 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 9.57 x 7.05 x 3.74 inches
  • Color Name: Blue

04. Star Projector, 3 in 1 LED Ceiling Galaxy Light Projector

This IYUT star projector will provide you 10 lighting colors with adjustable brightness (3 brightness levels 40%,70%,100%). So you can easily create the galactic aurora scene in your bedroom. For playing music while showing, you have to just connect Bluetooth “BTK10”. You can also play music by connecting USB memory. This projector can auto-detect the music from USB memory.

The easy remote control system and timer setting features will give you a smoother experience. The remote control system is very advantageous. You can customize the control according to your preferred settings and at the same time, the timer setting will give you an extra advantage. 2 hours’ timer option is more energy-efficient.

After all, this 10 colors 360-degree rotational dynamic projector will give you a smooth experience and it can be a perfect gift for all aged people.

At a Glance

  • 10 colors 360-degree rotational dynamic projector with adjustable brightness.
  • USB and Bluetooth system for playing music.
  • It can auto recognize and play the music by inserting USB memory.
  • Remote control system easily customizing and timer setting included.


  • Item weight: 1.32 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 6.66 x 6.62 x 5.08 inches
  • Brand: IYUT

05. Night Light Projector Ocean Wave Projector

21 projecting modes, 4 colored lights with 2 laser lights will offer you a relaxing environment. 2 laser lights and flowing ocean waves can project various drifting stars which will add an extra vibe and you can easily maintain the atmosphere (brightness level) by its decent remote controlling system. It is very convenient for both adults and children and you can also operate by the buttons on this projector.

Auto-off timer feature will give you an extra advantage. 1H, 2H auto-off timer (default 4 hours auto-off), freely set shut off automatically by remote controller, and timer can be canceled within 3 seconds.

You can play your favorite music like a lullaby, meditating, and relaxing music via Bluetooth and a USB slot. You can listen and feel the music through the night light while seeing the aurora nebula galaxy under the night sky. It also can be a warm gift for Christmas, Children’s Day, Birthday, Room Decoration.

At a Glance

  • Upgrade Laser Projector: 21 projecting modes, 4 colored lights with 2 laser lights.
  • USB and via Bluetooth system for playing music.
  • Easy remote control and auto-off timer feature.
  • Best gift for family and kids.


  • Package Dimensions: 6.54 x 6.5 x 5.16 inches.
  • Item weight: 1.28 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Jiang Chuan

06. Star Light Projector, KisMee LED Nebula Projector

This starlight projector can be the best choice for birthday parties, kid’s bedrooms, couple dating, and dinner. Fantastic lights with 15 colors combination will create a relaxing and soothing ambiance. The starlight and ocean wave combination will increase your children’s imaginations.

You can easily fix the light’s brightness and play the starlight and ocean wave individually and control the ocean wave changing speed and freely turn off music and lamp by remote or its manual buttons. It has a Bluetooth system and TF memory card to play music. There is another amazing feature, that is “sound-activated mode”. It allows changing the light color according to the music beat or clapping hand.

It has an advantage. This product is certified by CE, ROHS, FCC. That’s why it is not harmful to your eye. So it can be the best gift to you kids or beloved one.

At a Glance

  • Fantastic lights with 15 color combinations.
  • Convenient remote controlling system.
  • Bluetooth system and TF memory card to play music.
  • CE, ROHS, FCC certified. So safe to use and can be the best gift.


  • Item Weight: 14.5 ounces.
  • Package Dimensions: 5.94 x 5.43 x 4.41 inches

07. Smart WIFI Star Projector

Let’s introduce you to a different control system star projector. You can control this amazing star light projector by an App (Smart Life) under the WiFi mode beside the remote controlling system. This projector’s 10 color lights and 6 mixed colors with adjustable brightness and multicolored ocean wave lighting effect will create the environment soothing and relaxing.

For playing music, it has Bluetooth and a USB system and It allows changing the light color according to the music beat. It also has 1H, 2H auto-timer off mode. You can easily set the timer by its remote and it is energy efficient.

There is another important piece of information for you. that is, this star projector works with Alexa & Google Assistant. So, you can easily control your projector via Alexa or Google Assistant to free your hands. Considering all this, this star projector can be a better choice.

At a Glance

  • Easy controlling system by App under the WiFi mode beside remote control.
  • 10 color lights and 6 mixed colors with adjustable brightness.
  • Bluetooth and USB systems and lights flicker with the beat of the music.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant supported.
  • Auto-off timer mode.


  • Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.4 x 6.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Cistern

08. Ifreelife Star Projector

This projector is the newest smart WiFi starry projector which will provide a 360-degree dynamic projection system and you can easily adjust with the position as you like. Ocean waves will make your mind fresh and the environment relaxing. You can easily control this projector by its remote or Smart Life App. It is also Alexa/ Google assistant supported.

It will provide you 4 colored lights (green, red, blue white) which can be mixed into 10 different color projection effects. You can control the brightness (33%-66%-99%) according to your mode. The auto-off timer is also included. You can easily set the timer (1h/2h or 4h default). So it will be energy efficient and help you to sleep peacefully.

This star projector has both a USB and Bluetooth system to play music and the lights change according to the rhythm of the music. It can be a perfect gift for children’s day, birthday, Christmas. This star projector also can be used as stage party light, ambiance lights, DJ lighting, gaming room light, etc.

At a Glance

  • 360-degree dynamic projection system.
  • Easy controlling system. Alexa/ Google assistant supported.
  • 4 colored lights which can be mixed into 10 different color projection effects.
  • USB and Bluetooth system.
  • Allows changing color according to the music’s rhythm.


  • Item Weight: 1.53 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 6.29 x 6.29 x 6.29 inches.

09. Star Projector Night Light

This projector will create a soothing and relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. It has super large projection coverage- 15-60m^2 (161~645 ft^2) which can easily cover your entire bedroom. This projector will provide you 33 combinations of lights and 4 light modes.

  • Sleep mode (for children)
  • Auto mode (for couples)
  • Sound mode (karaoke)
  • Flash mode (disco party)

You can easily control those modes and adjust the brightness (15%-30%-45%-60%-75%-100%) with its easy remote controlling system which will give you different experiences. If you forget to turn off the lights, don’t worry, it has auto-timer settings. With a 1h or 3h timing function, the star projector will shut down automatically.

This projector has high-quality double horn speakers and sound mode. You can easily play your favorite music with your smartphone via Bluetooth (“YSH-016”) or by inserting the TF memory card which will create a romantic atmosphere.

This projector is also suitable for game room decorating, dance party, stage party, Birthday party, DJ bar/Christmas/ wedding party, etc.

At a Glance

  • Super large projection coverage- 15-60m^2 (161~645 ft^2).
  • 33 combinations of lights and 4 light modes with adjustable brightness.
  • Easy remote controlling system and auto-timer settings.
  • High-quality sound system.
  • Versatile usable.


  • Item Weight: 1.68 pounds.
  • Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.56 x 5.67 inches.
  • Brand: Tesoky.
  • Manufacturer: Sec-one.

10. 2021 Star Projector

This star projector has more than 300 light effects combination and RGBW color nebula clouds, solar system, planetary effects (Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, and Moon), and millions of twinkling stars which will give you different vibe with a different type of effects.

It has an auto power-off system (.5h, 1h, 3h, 5h) and the brightness of the colors are adjustable (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%). You can easily handle these features by remote and can create a preferable atmosphere according to your mode.

It is also a better choice for parties Because it has a good quality sound system and you connect your phone by Bluetooth or TF card inserted and the lights of this projector can flick according to the rhythm of music or external sound which will make a party ambiance in your home.

At a Glance

  • 300 lights effects with RGBW color nebula and solar system effect.
  • Auto power off option with adjustable brightness.
  • Bluetooth and TF card for playing music.
  • Projector’s lights flickering according to the rhythm of the music.


  • Item Weight: 13.7 ounces.
  • Package Dimensions: 6x 5.4 x 4.4 inches.
  • Manufacturer: BSYUN

11.  Utipef Ceiling Star Projector

This is a starry night projector. The effect is a combination of moon, LED nebula cloud, and twinkling stars which will create your bedroom atmosphere relaxing and romantic. This has a tripod to support the projector and this projector can cover a large ceiling up to 538 ft^2.

You can enjoy 14 color effects from the utipef galaxy light projector and it can cover your entire bedroom with the moon, nebula cloud, and stars which will help you to fall asleep peacefully. It is easy to connect this projector with your device by Bluetooth or insert a USB hard drive to play your favorite music and it is powered by USB DC 5V/2000MA, compatible with a computer, AC adapter, and power bank.

It has voice control mode. After selecting voice control mode, the lights of the projects will respond when receiving external sound or DJ music. So, this can be suitable for bedroom, relaxing, birthday/wedding/DJ party, light show, pub/club/dancing.

At a Glance

  • The effect is a combination of moon, LED nebula cloud, and twinkling stars with 14 color effects.
  • A tripod for supporting the projector.
  • Can cover a large ceiling up to 538ft^2.
  • Voice controlling mode and lights flickering with the rhythm of the music.


  • Item weight: 1.75 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches
  • Brand Name: Utipef

12. Odec Galaxy Star Projector

This galaxy projector has Bluetooth 5.2 (“ODEC HJ-JG005”) and a readable USB slot system so that you can play music easily. When you insert a USB slot, the slot will be read automatically and your favorite songs on the USB will continue to play. Its beautiful colorful effects like galaxy aurora nebula and the night sky stars will exist on your ceiling. It can glare like real stars and flow like real nebulae which will make a soothing and romantic ambiance in your bedroom.

This projector will provide you voice control mode. That’s why it can allow the changing of color of the lights according to the rhythm of the music. It also has an easy controlling system and auto timer off system (1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours by default)

This projector has AAA batteries. So, you can use it anywhere. It is compact and portable and this projector can be a better choice as a gift.

At a Glance

  • Bluetooth and USB slot system for playing music.
  • Projector can auto-detect the music from the USB slot.
  • Voice control mode. Lights change according to the rhythm of the music.
  • Auto timer off the system.
  • The projector is powered by AAA batteries and you can bring it anywhere.


  • Item weight: 11.8 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 4.4 x 5.2 inches.

13. Star Projector Galaxy Night Light for Kids

This projector has 4 basic colors and 21 projection modes with adjustable brightness (40%, 70%, 100%) which will provide a realistic starry night sky for a comfortable and relaxing ambiance in your room. You can see celestial objects on your ceiling. This ambiance will stimulate kid’s imagination and help them fall asleep quietly and quickly.

It has an easy remote controlling system. You can easily turn off/ on your projector and control the brightness of the light. It is designed with Bluetooth speakers. So you can easily connect your phone with this device and play your or your kid’s favorite music.

You can set an auto-off timer (1 hour/ 2 hours or 4 hours by default) which is energy efficient and after setting the timer, you can play your favorite music and your home will be a quiet and sleeping environment. So, this projector can be a better choice as a gift for children’s day, Christmas, room décor, Birthday party, anniversary.

At a Glance

  • 4 basic colors and 21 projection modes.
  • Adjustable brightness (40%, 70%, 100%)
  • Bluetooth system for playing music.
  • Auto-off timer settings.


  • Item Weight: 1.04 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 6.69 x 4.92 inches
  • Manufacturer: Home


What is the best star projector to buy?

You will get various kinds of star projector in the market. For choosing the best star projector, you can keep in mind some aspects of the star projector.
a. Color lights quality and variations of projection with adjustable brightness.
b. Sound quality of the speaker, Bluetooth, and USB cable.
c. Modes of the projector.
d. power supply system.
e. voice command mode.
f. Auto-off timer settings.

Are star projectors good for babies?

The starry night star projectors are very helpful to fall asleep for babies. You will find various modes in the projector. For your baby, you can choose the soothing mode. It will be better if the projector is certified by CE, ROHS, FCC. CE, ROHS, FCC certified means these projector’s lights are not harmful to the eyes.

Is there an app to project stars on the ceiling?

If you have a projector under the WiFi mode, you can control your projector by an App named Smart Life and some projectors are also Alexa and Google Assistant supported. You can control your projector by using them.

Can you sleep with the sky lite on?

Most of the star projectors provide auto-off timer settings. It means you can set a time to shut down the projector automatically. Like, 1 hour, 2 hours, or by defaults.

How can I make my room look like the night sky?

If you want to feel your bedroom ceiling like a night sky, you have to choose the star projector carefully. you have to consider some aspects. E.g. variation of colors, solar system, moon or planetary objects included, stars twinkle, lights, and brightness balancing.

Can I use a projector on any wall?

Maximum star projectors are powered by USB. So you have to keep the projector close to the outlet of the wall. If you want to use it on any wall, don’t worry, you can choose a projector which is easily rotatable or powered by batteries.

What are some of the benefits of using a star projector?

Star projector is an amazing gadget. It can be a suitable gift for people of all ages. The projector can be a better choice as a gift for children’s day, Christmas, room decor, Birthday party, anniversary. Ocean waves, galaxy, nebula, and twinkling night effects will make your environment romantic, relaxing, comfortable, and soothing. Meanwhile, the curiosity about the deep sky of your kids will increase.

What Features should you look for when buying one for a kid?

Most of the kids like planetary objects under the deep sky. you can buy the projector with the solar system, the moon, and twinkling star effects. You should also look to see that the projector is certified by CE, ROHS, FCC. Is it or not? CE, ROHS, FCC certified means these projector’s lights are not harmful to the eyes.

Are Projectors for Kids and Adults the Same?

The star projectors are the same for kids and adults. Most of the projectors provide various types of modes. Some are suitable for kids and some are for adults. Especially, kids love solar and planetary objects from under the sky.

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